Hannibal Lecter meme [7/9 three-piece suits] - white suit

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trends guys hate:

  1. crop tops and high waisted shorts
  2. red lipstick

trends girls hate:

  1. being murdered
  2. being murdered for wearing crop tops and high waisted shorts
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i love to use phrases such as “well i’ll be” and “would ya look at that” because in all seriousness i thoroughly enjoy sounding like an astonished elderly southern man

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effective feminism is realizing that every struggle is not your own and that you can’t always relate

 you can always provide support and solidarity

but sometimes you gotta realize

that it’s not about you right now

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"i’m so proud of you," i whisper as my favorite character undergoes well written character development

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every family got a plastic bag full of plastic bags

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I hate when multiple choice questions say choose the best answer like why dont you just give me one right answer instead of 3

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I heard dating me was really in this season

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I want this on a shirt

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tbh the fact that asexuals get ‘awareness’ and not ‘pride’ should immediately alert you to the severe degree of marginalization we face even and especially within the queer community 

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